Company History

AIPL is a diversified business group in agriculture ,poultry farming, fisheries, goat farming, Manufacturing, Trading and Exporting of Agro based Products, Dairy Products. AIPL was incorporated on 18th september 2020 with interest to provide agricultural products, diary products .

Our Vision

Our vision is to create local opportunity, growth and impact in every village in India. AIPL looks forward to provide best quality products  from its deep understanding of our end customer, excellence in all that we do, and innovation in all our practices.

Our Mission

To provide an integrated and effective service to the farmers in following areas:
Healthy Diet
Descent Clothing
Affordable House
– Basic Fitness
– Training & Skill Development
– Improve Social Esteem
– Infrastructure Development

Our Values

  • Accountability and Integrity:
    We are accountable for our actions, decisions and policies
  • Collaboration:
    We develop relationships with farmers, marginal labourers, customers and employees and treat them as our family members
  • Equity:
    We provide a supportive environment, free from discrimination, and treat with mutual respect and dignity
  • Dedication and Expertise:
    We value the strengths, passion and leadership demonstrated by every member of our organisation
  •  Leadership:
    We inspire, encourage and support all family members in order to influence and implement change